5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Man

It’s no surprise how men aren’t really conscious of themselves when it comes to fashion. Instead of splurging on something that’ll make them look attractive, they prefer to wear something simple or worse, something they simply grab from their closet. As long as they have their essentials, they could simply care less about other things.

If you’re a man, then perhaps it’s time to change your mundane perspective about fashion and start investing in things that will make you stand out from the rest. Of course, you don’t have to be extravagant in their fashion choices. Oftentimes, it’s the accessories that help carry out the overall outfit — like an icing on top of the cake.

That said, here are five essential accessories you must have to complete your overall look:


  1. Bracelet

Bracelets are commonly worn by women but less by men. This accessory has suddenly become a modern trend in men’s fashion world. Probably the reason why most men are now into bracelets is due to their simplicity and capability to blend in well with any style.

Setting aside the gold and silver palettes, stone bracelets for men have now become a fashion staple that shops are now producing this type of style for sale. They can always look from Marco Moratti’s shop. They have tons of designs that will help you decide the best style for you. The tiger eye bracelet is considered as one of their best selling bracelets.


  1. Necklace

If bracelets have made it on the list, then it’s not questionable to see necklaces as part of the list as well. To keep the necklace from ruining your outfit, it’s best to keep away from those with large pendants and settle on simpler ones. You can always opt for gold and silver for formal to semi-formal outfit and leather cords for a casual outfit.


  1. Belt

Belts aren’t only considered as a seasonal accessory but a necessity to have your jeans fit perfectly well on you. In this time, heavy studded belts are so yesterday — it’s more on a simple, yet sophisticated look. It’s not difficult to find leather or faux leather belts with fewer designs in stores.


  1. Hat

Unlike belts, hats are more difficult to pair with your overall look, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of wearing it in public. There are hats perfect for casual looks and those for formal outfits. Avoid interchanging it to prevent fashion disaster.


  1. Watch

Primarily, watches are invented for an easy glance at the time. However, as several companies are now producing watches, they make sure to keep their purpose and make them look fashionable at the same time. Always opt for watch straps that blend well with any outfit. Leather straps, for example, can look well with either casual or formal wear. The same goes for metallic straps.



Accessories may not be a common practice for men in the past, but they’re now warming up to it and have gradually invested in buying the appropriate accessories for their looks like bracelets, necklaces, belts, hats, and watches.

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