Boyfriend's Ultimate Guide for Best #OOTD

            Let’s be honest. You’re probably here to impress your lady boo with a swoon-worthy outfit for your next date. Don’t fret, men, since this is probably the most straightforward guide on what to wear when you are with your girlfriend.


            Open-buttoned shirts are a thing right now. Look casual but appealing by wearing a plain colored or patterned one to show off that strong and tough chest to easily make your girlfriend faint on-the-spot.


            Pants will never go out of style. Because of this, it has undergone a lot of evolutions and changes to complement fashion trends throughout time. The best ones, however, to pair with open-buttoned tops are black tattered jeans. It is a classic garment but screams swag when worn. You’ll never go wrong with it when you are with your girlfriend.


            Pieces of jewelry and accessories are not only for girls. Men can wear them too. The ensemble will be better with a black wide-brim hat. Maybe put on a gold watch for added bling. As for bracelets, Marco Moratti creates beautiful men’s bracelets that suit every outfit. The Onyx Stone Bracelet to suit the top and bottom. For a dash of rebel, wear a gold small hoop earring on one side of your ear. You can even pair jewelry with the girlfriend for added sweetness.


            To top it all off, rock the OOTD with white Nike sneakers to add the contrast and balance of all the garments. Just like your relationship.

            All in all, the outfit may be simple, but it screams simplicity, swag, and sex appeal. Oh! Don’t forget to wear her favorite perfume, self-confidence, and a smile to finish off your #OOTD.

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