Points to Remember When Choosing a Bracelet for You

Points to Remember When Choosing a Bracelet for You

The fashion of wearing a bracelet is there since ancient times as heard in the story books. What attracts most of the people towards bracelet is its beauty which adds value to one’s personal image. A bracelet is one of the easiest accessories to wear. Men like to wear this beautiful accessory and it is becoming quite popular among masses. Men’s bracelets have taken different forms over the years starting from puka shells bracelets to slap bracelets.

Not every bracelet is meant for everyone so the question is which bracelet is meant for you? Don’t worry? This blog post talks about important points to know which bracelet suits you based on your skin color and personality. If you understand which style suits you well, then you no longer fall prey to every single bracelet style on planet earth.

The beaded slim bracelet is one of the leading styles of bracelets trending these days. Its demand is getting higher and higher and all thanks to its increasing popularity. So, you can go for this particular type. Now we will discuss what makes an ordinary bracelet special.

Before buying a bracelet for yourself or your loved ones, you need to master a few bracelet basics.

  • Proportion and Fit
  • Overall Style
  • Occasion

Proportion & Fit

This is one thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing a particular style. Your bracelet needs to fit you correctly and it needs to be proportional to your size. Make sure it is tight enough so that it can comfortably fit into your wrist. You can go for elastic beaded slim bracelets, which are one-size-fits-all. These can be worn by everyone no matter what his wrist size is.

A good tip for you to find the best fit bracelet is to look for a bracelet of your wristwatch’s size which also has the same fitting.

Overall Style

Before going to the market to make a purchase, you should ask yourself “What is the look you are going for?” You cannot proceed further without getting an answer to this question. Just think about the message you want to convey to others with your style. If you ask me, then I would suggest you to go for natural materials such as wood, leather or stone. Avoid going for shiny metals rather you can opt for bracelets made by mixing metals with natural materials.

Choose a style that works with you and tells your story. It will help people understand the special message you want to convey to them.


The occasion for which you are going to choose a particular bracelet style has an important role. You may have one or two favourites, but it is an accessory that goes with the occasion for which you are wearing it. For a business meeting, a thin dark coloured bracelet would be fine. You can wear gold or silver chain along with it to add to your looks.

However, for events like a concert or a football match or when you are going to a nightclub, you can choose to go bold as these situations demand you to dress a little louder. So, don’t hesitate to be bold.

The given points will definitely help you find the right bracelet for you.


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