How to Wear a Bracelet without Overdoing It

Men's Ultimate Fashion Guide: How to Wear a Bracelet without Overdoing It

A stylish man is one who knows to wear his accessories well. And while your female counterparts are known to have several pieces of jewelry to be paired with different attires, choosing the right accessory such as a bracelet for a man can be a daunting task.


Jewelry for Men

While you would not want to flout jewelry such as a bracelet as the centerpiece of your attire, it can definitely be a distinctive part of your look that gives you an edge over others. A bracelet will just hang on your arm, completing your casual look for the occasion.

And just like all the accessories, the bracelet you choose to wear for the evening will be defined by the occasion you are wearing it for. A casual evening might call for some leather and beads on your wrist, but a formal meeting can only be assisted by something metallic and upscale to show your rich taste.


Getting the Right Bracelet

There are several factors you have to keep in mind to get the perfect bracelet to assist you in your look. Not following them can lead to a disastrous outfit more often than not. So, here are some tips to make it easier for you:

  • Choose the right size! No woman likes a heavy and chunky piece of bead rope hanging beside their men. If you decide to go with a bracelet, make sure it comes with a fastening knot or is shaped very closely to your wrist size.
  • Do not go for that multiple thick hippy bracelet look unless that is the occasion. It is always better to pile thin bracelets together to form a decently stacked bracelet on your arm.
  • Go with something that matches your skin tone and your wardrobe as well. Nothing looks worse than an off-placed chunk of metal on your wrist.


Wearing a Bracelet Correctly

For those who are planning to buy a bracelet soon, here are some tips on how you can wear them correctly:

  • If you are wearing a full sleeves shirt, make sure the bracelets stay under the sleeve and not over it. You can then pull off a quick sleeve pull to flaunt your hotness in front of those ladies in the bar.
  • While it is a personal choice, a single-wristed bracelet will always look better than jewelry in both the arms. It is better to stack multiple bracelets on one arm than spreading them evenly on both arms.
  • Make it look natural and effortless. People should not be able to point at your bracelets as something that stands out. It should blend in with your attire and give you that complete masculine look you are looking for.



In the end, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry that complements your entire look. Make sure to get different bracelets for different occasions. It is only with the right mindset and confidence that you will be able to portray yourself decently and well accessorized.

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