Tips to Look Cool While Wearing Bracelets

Tips to Look Cool While Wearing Bracelets


Is wearing bracelets too much jewelry for men? Will it make you feel less masculine? While some men may be reluctant to wear them, bracelets can be a way to make you look more stylish. Its purpose is like any other piece of jewelry – to add a little accent to your look.

You just have to know how to wear them and what types of bracelets you should get depending on what you are dressing for. Here are a few tips on how to look cool while wearing bracelets and what form you should wear. 


Keep things simple

If you are new to wearing bracelets, it is best if you keep it simple. Choose bracelets that you know will suit your personal style and are not too over the top. Take note that wearing bracelets is supposed to be natural and should not look forced. Invest in good quality bracelets if you plan on wearing them regularly. 


Be sure it complements your attire

This may seem obvious, but a lot of people often forget that their bracelets must conform to their attire. If you are wearing something casual, a beaded bracelet would be a great option. Classic steel bracelets in gold or silver look great on formal, more dressy outfits. 


Wear the right type of bracelets

You’d also want to consider the type of bracelet you plan to wear. Here are the different bracelet types you can choose from:


  • Leather

Leather bracelets can look really cool when worn right with your casual attire. It is best that you get darker, richer shades like dark brown, burgundy, emerald, or black. For the width, getting thinner bracelets would be a better option since these pieces are more versatile and can be easily worn with watches. Though they look good by themselves, you can also mix leather bracelets with beaded ones to add more texture. 


  • Rope

If you want a more layered aesthetic, rope bracelets are the way to go. To avoid looking cheap or childish, be sure that you wear this type of bracelet with more mature casual attires. Opt for thinner ones so they are not too bulky. If you are adventurous enough, you can choose brighter patterns instead of dark colors.


  • Beaded

A beaded bracelet is one of the most common designs you can add to your casual wear. Natural colors like browns are very versatile choices which you can wear with different pieces. Beaded bracelets would look great with denim. Wooden beads are also stylish, but be sure that you pick those that are not too big because it may look messy. Simple round beads will look better in a variety of outfits.


  • Steel

Steel bracelets for men often come in gold or silver. Gold looks best with darker skin tones and can be worn for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Remember that when wearing gold, it is best to stay subtle and simple. Don’t overbling yourself – a simple, slim gold cuff is stylish enough. Silver bracelets complement many different skin tones and can also work well with formal and casual looks. It can give a more relaxed, laid back look when worn with casual outfits. Silver will also enhance your corporate wear and other formal attire especially if you get a sleek design.


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