The Key to Mastering Men's Wristwear

The Key to Mastering Men's Wristwear

The common wristwear for men, the wristwatch, is slowly being replaced by a more tasteful and versatile wristwear. Today’s man is more open to accessorizing with bracelets. Bracelets represent an artistic taste, unlike wristwatches, which mostly represent a class.

If you are looking to try new wristwear to complement your wristwatch, here are a few wristwear that can help you master the art.

Types of Men Bracelets and How to Rock Them Best

  1. String Bracelets

String bracelets are casual yet delicate accessories. They are used as symbolic wear among certain groups of people. For example, the red string bracelets are used by Buddhist men and kabbalah men. String bracelets are mystical and are esoteric. To make the string bracelets stand out, wear them with informal button-downs. You can also mix different colors of string bracelets to add versatility.

  1. Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs are more formal and classic than the other types of bracelets. They are more like the wristwatch. Cuff bracelets are more suitable for the white-collar men in suits. The cuffs should fit perfectly on your wrist to minimize stress when wearing it.

You should also take care of the cuffs just like you care for your watch. Remove the cuffs when you're going to sleep or taking a shower. Polish the metal to keep it sleek and avoid wearing it with other wristwear such as bands and beaded bracelets.

  1. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are informal and give off hints of an adventure ridden life. They are best worn with t-shirts, casual blazers, or button-downs. Leather bracelets evoke spontaneity. If you are a man who likes to go out on adventures, the leather bracelet is a great wristwear to represent your lifestyle.

  1. Wrapped Bracelets

Wrapped bracelets are designed in a complex way but not in a rocket science complicated way. They are layered to create a cool look that combines well with other types of wrist wear.

To maintain the coolness of this wrist piece, wear it with short or mid-length sleeves. The bracelets bulge on long-sleeves which makes the look appear uncool. They are more informal than formal.

  1. The Link Chains

The link chain is perfect for both men who wear formal and casual wear. They are eyecatchers and command a presence. Wear the link chains with equally nonchalant wristwear such as wristwatches or a cuff bracelet. For formal wear, the chain should be thin. Big sized chains show gaudiness, which is not a good professional character.

  1. Mixed Wristwear

Mixing bracelets is a form of art. It is perfect for the more open-minded men who are open to experimenting with new things. To create a cool mix of wristwear, combine beaded, leather, wrapped, and string bracelets. You can also add a thin link chain. However, do not combine with a wristwatch or a cuff bracelet. A cuff bracelet is best worn alone or with a watch only.  Do not combine too many bracelets because they will make the art appear clumsy and unorganized.

Mastering the art of wristwear for men is simple if you only understand the piece and what it combines best with. Men bracelets enhance the look and compliment the clothes you are wearing. So, follow the tips above for a more pleasing overall look.



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