Summer Fashion Tips for Men and Women

Summer is possibly everyone’s favorite season. Classes are out and vacations tend to happen and your chance to slay that summer outfit.

Patterns, especially colorful and floral ones, are the go-to summer pick, but plain tops or dresses with an interesting design have their own flare.

If you want to wear layers, best to limit it with two and make sure they are made of thin fabric too. The best fabrics to wear during summer are cotton, linen, and tropical weight wool. We don’t want to sweat too much and have the possibility of ruining our make-up.

Though shorts and skirts are the best bottoms to wear for the season doesn’t mean pants are out of the equation. Pants act as a shield to keep your legs cool under the sun.

With summer, you have the option of various footwear from slippers, to sandals, shoes, and heels.

Let’s not forget accessories such as a cute sun hat, sunglasses that match any outfit, and jewelry. Canvas belts are also a better option than leather belts for men.

Men should wear bracelets to amp up their look. Marco Moratti’s products include a black bracelet for men which is perfect for any outfit even if you only wear a plain tank top. A tiger eye bracelet will add extra color to your entire look.

Best to be comfortable and feeling confident under the heat of the sun.

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