What Fashion and Jewelry Style to Wear in a Meeting

Whenever you hear the word “meeting”, the first thing that comes in every people’s mind is joining a serious formal discussion. It’s not a wrong thought, actually, since your head often calls for a meeting due to work problems, changes in workplace policies, or updates in upcoming events in your workplace.

Every time you attend a meeting, you make sure to look as presentable as possible since you’re most likely facing the big boss in the company together with other bosses. As a man, you wear a long sleeve in less flashy colors paired with slacks and a pair of formal closed shoes. As for accessories, it doesn’t really require you to wear flashy ones like thick gold chains.

You can simply opt for something simple and less distracting like a bracelet from Marco Moratti. Marco Moratti products are the perfect stone bracelets for men, suitable for any attire. One of their best selling items, the tiger eye bracelet, is the seamless starter bracelet you can get from them if you want to bet on a safe color.   

There are tons of impeccably beautiful bracelets by Marco Moratti on their official website. They also sell necklaces, in case you want to have one.

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