What Pieces of Jewelry Should Every Men Own?

Women are not the only ones to wear expensive and stunning pieces of jewelry. Indeed, men can also rock such accessories with stylishness and classiness. Hence, here are five must-have pieces of jewelry that men should own for everyday wear, casual dates, or formal events:

  1. Watches

Wristwatches are timeless jewelry that both males and females can wear. In fact, its design and structure have undergone numerous changes and evolutions to fit the style and fashion trend during such times.

However, men's wristwatches always remained bold and classy. Dress watches are ideal as accessories for men. With their minimalistic design and leather band, they’re that kind of jewelry that is suitable for any events.

  1. Bracelets

Even a bit of bling and sparkle is good for men. If watches are not your thing, men bracelets are for you. In fact, a website called Marco Moratti offers various designs for anything and everything.

If you’re looking for a leather bracelet, then you can find a simple black leather one with the letter M engraved on its bead. If you’re into bejeweled bracelets, then they also sell black onyx bracelet that is simple but breathtaking.  Whatever event it may be, they have it all.

  1. Rings

During old times, men wore rings as a symbol of being rich and successful. These days, however, males wear this accessory as a fashion statement. In fact, they wear numerous one on all their fingers. Cluster rings are one of those jewelry that suits a men’s style. With not just one stone but numerous shiny ones, it could even make someone go blind upon looking at it. Hence, this is a good fashion jewelry to own.

  1. Necklaces

Minimalism is still a great thing to consider when wearing men's necklaces. In fact, gold chains are still a thing when it comes to wearing such jewelry. Of course, silvers and bronze colors are also available.

  1. Earrings

Earrings for men aren’t only for goth and emo boys. It became a staple accessory for males wanting to look like a bad boy. However, these earrings can also be worn on formal events or trips to the club. A good example would be black circle earrings that are usually worn on one ear only. It’s cheap but definitely alluring in every way possible.


All in all, these five must-have pieces of jewelry for men are not a necessity but could add some spice and handsomeness to your outfit.


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