Women's Jewelry Vs. Men's Jewelry

Women's Jewelry Vs. Men's Jewelry

At some point, Jewelry and women seemed to be connected. You think of the word “woman,” and you imagine a woman wearing jewelry—be it a pendant, a bangle, or a pair of earrings. However, 21st-century jewelry has come far across the boundaries of sexuality and design; now, we can see both genders wearing them.

Her Jewelry

Women’s jewelry is mostly characterized by pearls, silver-plated pendants, white gold, colorful rhinestones, and a lot more. Males tend to get infuriated by the fact that women are obsessed with jewels. And yes, at some point, that could be true.

What Does She Want?

Here are five of the most wanted jewelries by women that men need to know:

  • Locket Necklace. Of all jewelries in all ages, locket necklaces have always been the most sentimental. In movies, in books, and in some television shows, locket necklace has played a significant role. Locket necklaces made out of silver are now considered very rare and valuable.
  • Designer Watch. Women of age usually invest in designer watches. It shows how far she has gone in life and how much does she care for how she looks. It’s actually a fashion statement that also serves as a career token.
  • Initial Necklace. Most female teenagers love wearing initial necklace since it’s never gone out of trend, and it’s classy. Customized initial necklaces can be ordered online and in local jewelry stores.
  • Stackable Earrings. For busy, working women, stackable earrings are very convenient. It would make them look fashionable while, at the same time, it does not disturb or irritate the face because it does not have any hanging pendant.
  • Beaded Gemstone Bracelet. It adds up to the feeling of empowerment a woman could ever have. Wearing gemstones in the early 18th century means being respected and obeyed. Favorable gemstone colors are red, green, and rhinestone blue.

His Jewelry

Men’s jewelry is much less complicated and much simpler than that of women’s. In-trend jewelry for men these past few years are gold plated dog tags, multiple asymmetric finger rings, nose earring, and male earrings. This culture was said to be influenced by rapper bling-bling way back in 1842. Up until today, Men’s jewelry continues to upgrade and develop its art.

On the other hand, businessmen don’t get to wear these kinds of jewelries in the corporate world. Their everyday office jewelry includes designer watches, designer necktie, and a pocket-handkerchief. These are some of the low-key jewelries men wear to have a sense of empowerment and show their social status.

Jewelries have developed so much since the last centuries. It has been more than just a fashion statement and a trophy of financial success. Jewelry for men and women has become openly exchanged, mixed, and matched. For example, the multiple piercings that are once practiced only by men are now also widely embraced by women. Collecting highly valued jewelries, which was once mostly practiced by women, is also now a passion of men. Truly, there should be no stereotyping when it comes to fashion—be it in clothing or in jewelry wearing.

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