All About Beautiful Tigers Eye Stone

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The Tiger Eye stone isn't just a lovely crystal with streaks of golden color running through it. It is also a potent stone that brings balance to your body and soul by taking away anxieties that you may have. 

It is known as a stone that makes you more focused when it comes to making your decisions. With this stone, you will be less fogged up by your emotions and more sound when taking action. 

The exciting thing about the Tiger Eye Stone is that it was initially an amulet that repelled curses and such. However, many people found it to have other benefits, too, such as giving confidence and creativity. It is often used by yogis when performing a kundalini awakening

It is for this very reason that it can be used for balancing the mind and soul. It is often used in aiding those who suffer from mental illnesses or personality disorders. The stone can bring peace and harmony to those who feel an imbalance in their brains.


tiger eye stone bracelet

Where The Stone Came From

So where exactly did this stone come from anyway? There is no one specific place the stone came from, but most of it was discovered in South Africa. Aside from that, Tiger Eye Stones can also be found in Brazil, West Australia, and the USA. It can even be found in some Asian countries like India and Myanmar. 

Now, you may be wondering why it's called a Tiger Eye Stone. Well, since there is a gold streak that runs through the stone, it resembles the eye of a cat or a tiger. This kind of style makes it attractive and appealing to most people. 

So is the Tiger Eye Stone a crystal? In a sense, the answer is yes. That's because the term "crystal" refers to beautiful minerals and stones that can be turned into gems. You can say that the Tiger Eye Stone does fall into this category. Also, Tiger Eye Stones do have similar components like quartz. Of course, any stone that has quartz in them are considered crystals. It's interesting to note that the golden streak is the quartz mineral. The gold color is made out of gold asbestos fibers and other materials combined with quartz that give it its color. 

Just like most quartz crystals, the Tiger Eye Stone can give you a big energy boost if you wear it. 


Benefits of the Tiger Eye Stone

Those who are close to the earth vibrate specific energy or chakra that comes from the solar plexus. When this power chakra is activated, the Tiger Eye Stone can give you various psychic gifts that you may find rather interesting. 

When you buy your tiger eye stone, you need to keep the stone within the radiation of your aura so that it will give you it's benefits. Mixing the crystal's energy with your own allows you to achieve both physical and spiritual balance. 

Once you have purchased your crystal, do not allow just anyone to touch it. This may affect the crystal's energy. 

The Tiger Eye Stone is especially useful if you're the type of person who wants to increase his or her psychic abilities, especially that of the third eye found on your forehead. 

Although it is not directly considered a third eye chakra stone, it activates certain powers in your body that allow you to have the confidence to fulfill all your goals without feeling any low self-esteem. 

With the stone, you will feel a surge of self-confidence brimming inside of you. This will allow you to go through with all your goals smoothly. 

At the same time, these stones are also used to forward away bad energy. Predecessors believed that the stone was used for driving away negative energy found in curses or other malicious entities. In a more modern sense, it just sends away negative energy. 



Who Will Benefit from the Tiger Eye Stone?

Those who are trying to awaken their kundalini energy will benefit from this stone. The crystal stimulates the serpent at the base of the spine. This crystal will bring energy to the top of the spine to bring you enlightenment. This is usually used in conjunction with the Serpentine stone for optimal results. 

Along with the serpentine stone, the Tiger Eye stone allows you to increase masculine energy enabling you to give a more balanced amount to complement your feminine energy. 

The stone works perfectly well with the navel or sacral chakra as the energy from this part of the body is used for giving you more creativity.

This golden stone is related to the fire element so it can increase the chances of making your desires come true hence the increase in creative energy. The stone will help your creativity will skyrocket while at the same time, give you the sound direction to make the right decisions for implementation. 


Where to Buy the Tigers Eye

The great thing about buying the Tigers Eye is that you can buy it anywhere that sells jewelry. They're pretty standard among sellers that sell zodiac birthstones. 

To be specific, the golden brownstone is both a Gemini and Capricorn birthstone, so the availability of these types are pretty high.

They're especially beneficial for those that want to ensure that the energy in the lower chakras is kept in check. You can do this by wearing a Tigers Eye bracelet or ring. 


Why You Should Use It?

First of all, this stone is excellent for meditation. It aids you in achieving a higher level of mindfulness and also helps channel all of the energy into your lower chakras. It is a potent stimulant for the base, navel, and solar plexus chakras. For more meditation tips, check out our recent articles.

This stone also known to activate the vibration of "the will," which is potent energy found in the solar plexus. With this power activated, your drive will become even stronger, allowing you to manifest more money and blessings. Just like we mentioned above, you can display all of your desires into your world. 

In meditation, it is the key to the vibration known as the Golden Ray. The Golden Ray is a type of wave that allows you to reach a Christ-like state of consciousness wherein you feel compassion and unconditional love. Achieving this state may allow you to contact other entities in this realm of consciousness.


Combining the Tigers Eye with Other Stones

One of the best things about the Tigers Eye is that it can be combined with other stones. For those who are mediators, a combination with the Amazonite Crystal allows you to have better negotiation skills. Other than that, you can also combine it with the Malachite, Pietersite, Jasper, and Purple Charoite to help enhance the strength of your energies. The Tigers Eye energy can be blended with the energies from these other stones creating an even stronger life force for you to take advantage of. 






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