All You Need to Know About Black Agates

Black agate stones represent a lot of things, specifically their various meanings and limitless power and energy. One of those is making the owner feel calm during difficult times and even emit charismatic powers from their banding patterns and layers.

With the stone’s color, it can also signify protection. However, black is not really that rare in nature. There are some gems that have layers and a mixture of the colors black and dark grey or black and dark brown color. A few perfect examples are black onyx and black chalcedony, with the first having white layers in it and the latter having no layers at all.


Definition and Usage

Black agate has been used for its balancing and centering impacts since centuries ago. Being closely attached to the Root chakra, having to wear the gem will surely make you feel at peace, being able to overpower the negative feelings and energies with the positive ones, and lessen the anxiety at difficult times.

According to old beliefs and practices, black agates are used to heal joint and bone problems including all of the pains related to the shoulder and neck. It can even assist the digestive system and relieve nausea. Lastly, it symbolizes new beginnings, change, and transitions in life through having soothing grief, anxiety, anger, and deep emotions.


Emotional and Healing Benefits

All in all, it is said to give out prosperity and courage. Moreover, it gives out a balanced feel to the one who possesses it by explicitly cleaning the negative aura in you and replacing it with positive and happy energy to your life.

It is also connected to physical and spiritual planes. Black agates are also useful when feeling bad, angry, or emotional since it comes with soothing and calming effects.



Since it is a gem, it is very likely that it will be turned into a piece of jewelry. With its structure and component being hard with amazing patterns, it makes the item much more beautiful. Being relevant to the zodiac sign Gemini, it represents peace and calmness. It can be found in the forms of earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, and pins. The good side is that it is easy to find and affordable.


How to Take Care of Black Agates

With its components forming a hard and sturdy construction, it is not easily broken even with the harshest circumstances. Still, high force should be avoided to keep its form and shape like it is in the beginning.

When you own a black agate in the form of jewelry, avoid using any damaging jewelry cleaners or any chemical cleaners. If you want to make it clean, simply use soapy water or a clean cloth. As usual, don’t leave it in direct sunlight and exposure to other chemicals such as deodorants, chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics. Only wear it if you will only be doing light work and tasks.  


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