The Black Onyx Stone

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The Black Onyx Crystal depicts the calmness of the beautiful night sky. It serves as a symbol of the transition of the Native American and Peruvian traditions as it motivates the wearer of gaining strength in facing one’s fears.

The Crystal Stone is believed to free its users from many phobias. Moreover, it has the power to clear the soul from being chained to worries and from a lack of belief in oneself, thus leading the person to a life that is meaningful.

Integrate yourself into the stillness of the dark night. The night is a time for restoration as the world around you halts from all the busyness of the day. You can put your focus on the Crystal stone and be free from your daily fears.

It is the bright sun that powers us during the day, and it is the starry sky that recharges us at night. Take advantage of these times for an actual change and a time for the transformation of your soul. The Onyx stone is, therefore, a necessary part in your collection of stones.

Painted with black with a combination of gray and white colors, the stone displays the three phases of the Earth’s continuity. Black symbolizes the calm and cool moonlit sky, gray represents the sky before dawn and during dusk, and white is the daily color.

If it were in fairytales, wonders often happen during dawn or dusk- the period when everything is still calm in the twilight. The combination of darkness and light represents its inseparableness, the world’s yin-yang which aids in the restoration of the chakra’s balance to its roots.

The Onyx Stone have elements for healing that Eases the stresses of life. It functions to balance life and work and gives you a sense of security as it connects you deeply to the world. Incorporate Onyx to your routine and allow yourself to be free from being frazzled endlessly.


black onyx bracelet for men

The History of the Black Onyx

The Black Onyx was believed to be a bad luck stone for the reason that it was mined during the 1700s by slaves. This belief has not been proven to be true as it has stories to support it. It is believed to weaken the strength of lust, thus encouraging purity.


Its importance to the Chakra Association and the Astrological Association

  • The black Onyx is deeply connected with the root Chakra.
  • The stone can be helpful to both Capricorn and Leo. For Capricorn, the stone provides framework and leadership plus it can boost your self – esteem. For Leo, the Black Onyx is its birthstone.


Taking Care of the Stone


  • Place the stone under the full moon to recharge.
  • Move it through the incense or burning sage to take away negative energies.
  • Place it on rice or bury it on the ground overnight.


Black Onyx Folklore on Healing

Search for the truth concerning your inner self by grabbing your own Onyx stone, and submerge yourself into its mystery and emptiness. Prepare your mind as you feel the energy of the stone, and start to see your inner soul. The Black Onyx guides you to a journey beginning in darkness while leading you to the light.

The healing elements of the stone show you the truth of your inner self as you meditate alone and connect with the universe. This somber crystal frees you from the expectations of society and your unbelief in yourself. It also helps you to be your true self and help you to think deeply about your life in the vastness of the universe.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted that what a person is afraid to carry out is a sign of what the person needs to do. So, get your own Onyx stone and prevail over your fears now.

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