The Power of the Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli bracelet for menThe crystal Lapis Lazuli helps its user to see his/her inner self deeply resulting in a better spiritual understanding. Absorb the Crystal Stone’s energy and know your divine goal and destiny. This stone is also called as “The Wisdom Keeper”. Moreover, the Crystal Stone Lapis Lazuli’s power is unnoticeable yet is amazingly very effective in giving more light to the soul with its natural ability to know a person’s internal being.

Get to know more about the crystal’s healing properties, which is an effect coming from the shade of the brilliant sapphire blue color. By doing so, you will be able to connect yourself deeply with the meaning of the Crystal Stone Lapis Lazuli.

The dark blue shade takes control of a person’s consciousness and self-expression. This gives the crystal the ability to effectively enlighten a person and transform the spiritual aspect of his/her humanity. In the Renaissance period, this color was believed to be sacred or “sacre bleu”. For that reason, the Lapis Lazuli was reduced into powder form and was used to color the robes of the Virgin Mary and other famous artworks in the history of Europe.


lapis lazuli bracelet for men

The Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

The Crystal Stone Lapis Lazuli is considered as “one of the most powerful gemstones” in the kingdom of minerals because of its composition. It is a combination of the stones for good luck which are the Pyrite and Calcite specks(white and gold) plus deposits from sulfur.

The meaning of the Lapis Lazuli is connected to the “third eye chakra”. This Chakra is the main energy that operates within the inner spirit of a person. When the stone is worn as jewelry or when it is meditated upon with the use of only one stone, the belief of Egyptians in history concerning its power will channel you to get a connection with the world of spirits.

The healing properties of this crystal allow you to integrate the physical realm to the spiritual world. If you yourself are attracted to this crystal stone, it is an indication of your preparedness for the transformation of your spirit. This begins when you try to dig deeper within your inner self to know what your deepest longings are.

As you try to meditate the properties of the Crystal Lapis Lazuli, it in return will widen your thinking by showing you the reality of your true self. The Wisdom Keeper is truly the perfect stone to understanding intentions that are associated with intuition, consciousness, and truth.

The Crystal Stone Lapis Lazuli will improve your self-awareness and will also help expose the divine purpose of your life. As you truly see your soul, you will awaken the center of your existence. Free yourself from the darkness with the help of the Crystal’s properties, and it will guide you through your journey spiritually.

In line with other different types of stones in dark blue and purple colors, as mentioned above this crystal is connected with the “third eye chakra”. When the Chakra is turned on, the energy of your body will help you think clearly and help you wisely decide as you live every day. The Egyptians in history believed in the Lapis Lazuli’s power to generate new insights and perspectives.

As you use this stone during your meditation, the energy it produces will channel you to calming vibrations coming from its indigo color. This color symbolizes the sky’s stillness and the calmness of the ocean. This Crystal is used as another alternative for headaches and migraines because of its ability to awaken the “third eye chakra”.

Place a single Crystal of Lapis Lazuli on your front head together with different stones such as the Sodalite and Turquoise. Inhale deeply while thinking of a bright light penetrating your own body with energy for healing. Lastly, exhale all the negative energy and imagine a flowing river on its way to the vast sea.



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